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Mikhail Selianin: advice for the beauty-business startup in Russia

I am often asked for advice, how and if it is possible to create own beauty-business in modern complicated situation in Russia.

As for me, I think that there are no specific aspects for beauty-business conducting. There exists such a notion professional businessman. If a person is a leader in his profession, he develops it effectively.

When in 90-ies we established the company, aesthetic medicine market was yet shaping. Our business grew up rapidly, all the imported stock was sold out. At that time even ballet artists used to establish their own cosmetology companies. Nowadays the situation has changed.

After the 2008 economic crisis the whole market totally cleaned from the weak players. On the point of economic difficulties precisely small firms were capable to survive.

But exactly small companies were capable to survive in the complicated economic situation. The proverb says: when trees are broken, the bushes are just bending. Small companies have small number of staff, lower rate of operational expenses, thus higher chance to survive. They survive due to digital promotion. Meanwhile large companies with large number of staff and high employee costs have difficulties in staying their course.

Many people think that in the nearest future the whole business will be conducted in the cyberspace. I do not agree with this. A very important role in beauty-business plays high level of service and education. To be successful you should provide clients with qualified service. Extremely important is the quality of the product in your portfolio and price-quality ratio. Now cosmetologists are offered a wide range of qualified officially registered products, thus they purchase form the companies which offer discounts.

New staff employment policy has become very important in our complicated time. Martinex employs only those people, who are able to help to develop the company and to earn more. Our demands have significantly grown up.

Critical factor for successful business is regular renovation of products and methods in the portfolio. Martinex permanently launch its new own brands.

I am deeply convinced that enterpreneurship skills are part of art. A businessman should look for internal strength and intuition. Even if you do not have special background you can try to create your own business, but you will face difficulties in choosing a proper concept (segment). Beauty-business is a good one to start as there are many different segments in it. Martinex plays in the aesthetic medicine segment as our products are capable to cure the aging skin. But there exit a segment for the young target audience, to whom even massage and mesotherapy are considered to be good procedures with positive effect.

Anyway, I can give advice to a specific person in specific context. But the main thing I advise - if you feel strength inside you, then you can go in for business. If you made up your mind to create business, you must be ready to accept any kind of losses. If a loss is a tragedy for you, you cant accept it and then just forget, then you should stay out of business.

And the most important thing: any businessman must hold only himself to account! You should not delegate vital decisions and allow running your business to anyone else! Your business must be a one-man management company!  And you should always run your business honestly, conforming to law!

Mikhail A. Selianin, President of the Martinex Group, physician, dermato-venerologist, Vice-President of the UNESCO Microelements institute (Lion, France), President of the Martinex International scientific and research center of innovative technologies, Owner of more than 15 invention patents, author of Hyaluronic acid and Polysaccharides in the medicine of future. Officer of the Belgium order For merits in the field of inventions(2015), owner of the golden UNEXCO medal For input of nano science and nano technologies development(2015); in 2016 according to the decision of the Oxford Academic Union was granted by the honorable order The Name in Science for the Great contribution in the world science; M/ Selianin name is added to the list of the outstanding international scientists.

Mikhail Selianin: advice for the beauty-business startup in Russia


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